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Geka Couplings

Geka Couplings

Geka Couplings

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Geka couplings


Geka couplings have two claws that lock together,when the coupling is pushed and turned.The interal lug distance  is 40 mm for all the size,which make it easy  to connect the hose in different connections, without any other reducer  coupling.




Luxe's Geka couplings are widely used in agricultural,gardening and emergency for transfering low pressure water and other liquid.




1.Stainless steel AISI 316


3.Stainless steel AISI304 on demand




1.As standard the coupling in SS have a green Viton sealing ring

2.The brass coupling is with a black NBR sealing ring.




1.Female thread BSP EN ISO 228-1

2.Male thread BSP EN ISO 228-1