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Ground Joint Couplings

Ground Joint Couplings

Ground Joint Couplings

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Ground joint couplings


Ground joint couplings supply a convenient threaded fitting to connect two lengths of hose, or a single length to a male or female threaded (NPT) outlet. 

The female ground joint consists of a female hose end, wing nut and female spud.  The female spud has NPT threads to accept the NPT threads of a rigid connection or male NPT nipple.

By replacing the female spud of a ground joint coupling with a double or male spud, hose to hose ground joint connections or hose to rigid connections are simplified. Double spuds for hose to hose connections are threaded  NPS male X NPS male. (GJ wing nut is also NPS). For hose to rigid connection, the male spud is threaded NPS male X NPT male.




 Ground joint couplings are secured with an interlocking clamp,widely used for heavy-duty applications such as steam, air supply for construction, roadbuilding, and drilling applications.



Zinc plated carbon steel
malleable iron.