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Hose fitting with safety clamps EN 14420/DIN 2817

Flange connection EN14420-4

Luxe's DIN 2817 flange connection complying with EN 14420,are available in carbon steel or stainless steel.  

It contains Swiveling flangen  and  Fixed flange,with smooth or serrated hose tail & collar.  

And it's suitable for assembly of the ferrules or DIN 2817 safety clamps.


Luxe's DIN 2817 flange coupling are used  for petroleum based products,


liquefied petroleum gas 
including ammonia, solvents, mud, water and air.

liquefied petroleum gas including ammonia, solvents, mud, water and air.



  1.Stainless steel 316 / EN 1.4408            

  2.  Carbon steel: 235JRG/ EN 1.0038


1.To connect rubber, pvc and thermoplastic hoses.

2.Suitable for rubber hoses to BS EN 14420:2004 with safety clamps.