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Mortar Couplings

Mortar Couplings

Mortar Couplings

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Mortar Couplings

Mortar couplings are widely used in construction for suppling mortar, concrete, screed  on pumps, sprayers and plastering machines.It's similar to cam and groove coupling,but the max working pressure and material are different. 

Both are not interchangeable.For safety reasons we recommend to use hydraulic crimping sockets.

We can also supply  mortar coupling with collar,which can be easily assembled with safety clamps .


For connecting building material transfer hoses.


Carbon steel


Black NBR sealing ring.


1.Female thread BSP EN ISO 228-1

2.Male thread BSP EN ISO 228-1


1.As standard the surface is white zinc plating,yellow zinc plated is available on request.

2.The system 22 & 23.5 mortar coupling are on demand.